All ABOUT ROPE, INC was formed to facilitate and promote research and testing of rescue rope, rescue equipment and rescue techniques. We will test your ropes, new or used equipment, or rigging configurations for free if we are permitted to use the data acquired to inform other rescuers through our seminars and lectures. We have multiple load cells from 10,000 to 20,000 lbf capacity. Our test bed is 12 foot in length and our hydraulic ram has
a 7 foot throw.

In 2008 we built a 20 foot drop tower designed for a maximum 0.04 inches vertical deflection at a 5,000 pound working load. Another beam was added to the drop tower in 2009 that gives us the ability to do drop testing over an edge, a clamp was also designed for testing different materials.

What happens when we rig our rope and slip or fall over an edge, contacting sandstone, either in a natural environment or as a sandstone cap on a parapet wall? What if it's a 7 or 8 mm prusik or 6 mm Purcell? How will they perform? What about a pendulum?

Testing will help us to understand the effects certain forces have on the equipment we use and the systems we build. Through testing we can gain insight into new, used or abused equipment and the forces required to fail them. These forces will vary depending on the condition of the equipment or material. New or old, clean or dirty, wet or dry, used or abused or any combination of these factors plus rigging configurations and rate of pull will all have an affect on the breaking strength of the material, hardware or
technique we are testing.

If you would like something tested, please contact us before sending it so that we can confirm that we have the ability to test it in the manner you desire. We would also appreciate a brief written description of the condition of the material you want tested and the rigging configuration you require.


New 20 Foot Drop Tower


20 Foot Drop Tower With New Beam